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Of all gift cards go unclaimed. With GiveAGift, you'll never lose money due to recipients not using their Gift Tokens.


Whether the occasion calls for awarding a years-of-service gift to a loyal employee, sending a birthday present to a loved one, or just tangibly showing your appreciation to a valued client, GiveAGift® offers a simple and convenient solution to any gift giving opportunity. We save you valuable time and money by removing the stress of gift-giving, improving the experience for both you and your recipient. Instead of struggling to find an appropriate gift for every occasion, our program allows the recipient to choose from a gift database of thousand of attractive products, taking the work and hassle out of your hands.

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GiveAGift® accounts are free to create and easy to use. An account allows a user to add recipients, send gift tokens, see current gift choices, and much more. Signing up for a free account is the first step in utilizing all of the free features offered at®!

GiveAGift® database

Each free account includes a GiveAGift® database. Within the database, senders can review gift tokens sent, claimed and unclaimed tokens, actual gifts claimed, thank-you notes returned, 90-day canceled tokens, and more.


Gift recipients are notified of their gift through our site by email. Recipients are given the details of who the gift is from, as well as the instructions on how to make their gift choice. Notification emails are free, but other forms of notification are available upon request. We also offer high quality gift notification cards for a small fee.


After the initial notification, recipients are sent reminder emails to notify them of their gift. These reminders give the recipients ample opportunity to select a gift and reiterate the offering until the gift token expires.