How do I signup to use the FREE service?

Click the “register” link found within the “My Account Login” box. Complete the brief registration form and submit. Your login password will be emailed to you. 

Who should use is the gift giving service for businesses and individuals who want to send a gift but do not know what to send. It allows you to send one gift or one hundred gifts all with the click of the mouse and allows “them to choose.” 

How do I use

First, log-in to your account. Then select the recipient you wish to send a gift, choose the dollar value you wish to send, and proceed to check-out. If you don’t already have a FREE GiveAGift account, click the “register” link in the “My Account Log-in” box.

What does the service cost?

The service is FREE. All you pay is the price of the gift category you want to send. If you send a $25 gift, all you pay is $25. There are no other charges to you and your recipient pays nothing. Shipping is included, along with any associated taxes or fees that may be applicable to your state. 

Will the person I'm sending a gift to know it is from me?

Yes. users can personalize the notification email, and the notification email has you as the sender. Finally, within the notification email, you can include a company logo or a picture of yourself. All are “sure-fire” ways that your recipient will know you sent them a gift. 

What if my recipient doesn't pick a gift?

GiveAGift’s policy is “If they don’t choose, you don’t lose!” So if a gift token is unused after 90 days, that token number is cancelled and you are allowed to re-use that value towards your next token purchase. There is no waste. With the GiveAGift service, 100% of your gift dollars will be used on gifts. While this may not seem like a big deal, remember that estimates for unclaimed gift cards are as high as 20%! 

We’ve always done . . . .

Everybody appreciates the idea of a gift, but some people just don’t like or want what we think they do. We’ve even found some people are insulted by a gift but feel uncomfortable telling you for fear of hurting your feelings or losing your business. With GiveAGift, “make sure they like their gift . . . give them the gift of choice.” So don’t just do what you have always done. GiveAGift of choice. . . . And don’t confuse one or two satisfied customers with complete satisfaction by all customers. There’s nothing worse than giving the same gift every year when only 2 outgoing people request it and 98 reserved people accept it (and then throw it away). 

Why is my password emailed to me?

It offers us another level of security and safety by limiting access to the site. It also helps limit the amount of information that can be gleamed by gift recipients. 

We don't give gifts, so why should I use GiveAGift?

There are hundreds of reasons to give gifts. We can’t tell you exactly why, but we can say this . . . Actions speak louder than words. Don’t just tell an employee you appreciate him/her; show it. Send a GiveAGift with a personalized message and see the smile it makes. Also, don’t just expect customer loyalty, because your competitors won’t. Show your appreciation and let them choose! GiveAGift is the service for rewards, incentives, and motivation, because we “let them choose!” From name brand electronics, to food items, products for the home, and health/fitness products, GiveAGift has something for everyone. And for those who won’t nothing, we allow the gift value to be donated to charity. It’s just another way that we are the only gift site you need. 

What if my recipients do not have email?

Email us at We have solutions for this obstacle. We will help you find the best solution for your case. 

How is GiveAGift different than other gift services or options?

We differ in many ways, more than we can list here. But a few of the ways we differ are: 1) We let them choose . . . recipients pick their gifts, so you know they are getting something they want. 2) We save you time and money . . . we allow you to send out 1 gift or 1000 gifts in just a few seconds. We also work to get you excellent value for your money, and there’s no standing in line to checkout or to ship your gifts. 3)We log all gift claims . . . they choose and you know about it. No more wondering if a gift card was used or what it was used for. Within your GiveAGift database, all gift choices are logged. You can surprise your recipient by asking them about their specific gift. 4) If they don’t choose, you don’t lose . . . you don’t waste money on those people who genuinely don’t want a gift. If gift tokens go unclaimed for 90 days, we cancel the token and allow you to re-use that money on future gift tokens. (And yes, we do remind recipients multiple times to claim their gifts). 5) Recipients tell us where to ship their gifts. No more worrying about food items going to the office or your holiday delivery arriving while they’re on vacation. They tell us where they want it shipped. 6) For those who have everything . . . gift values can be donated to one of our selected charities. 

What are your gift choices?

Gift choices vary or rotate depending on a multitude of factors. We do maintain 5 categories within each price-point: electronics, food items, home products, jewelry, and charitable donations. You can view the currently available items from the homepage under “Their Choices.” To find out pricing, you’ll have to have an account and log-in. 

What are your price-points?

Current price-points are $15, $25, $50, $100, $150, $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2500, $3500 and $5000. This price is all inclusive. You pay nothing extra and your recipient pays nothing at all. 

Can gifts be sent to all 50 states and other countries?

No, currently GiveAGift can only deliver to the continental 48 states and the District of Columbia.